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 UK Press Release Distribution


UK Press Release Distribution


Press Release Distribution Is One Thing But How Do You Get It Read? Here are some things to consider.

Get the dominos to fall in your favour!


You need to understand that press editors and journalists receive hundreds, or even thousands of emails each week. When you are looking to get your press release read think carefully how you want to successfully achieve distribution. So Imagine the press editor sat in front of their screen and they are bombarded with hundreds or emails daily. Is it conceivable that your editor is at saturation point? After the daily spam has been filtered out and the internal communications have been dealt with, the editor will still have an inbox full of newsletters and other general correspondence. All of this will all be competing for attention with your press release.


Email is the very best way to communicate with press editors and journalists, but that’s no guarantee of success. Consider when your press release is due to arrive on the desk (so to speak) If you know the paper for instance is printed on a Friday don’t expect a great deal of attention sending it in on a Wednesday night or Thursday morning, chances are the paper is wrapped up Wednesday morning and sent to print. So think about your purpose and your target and for your best chance of press release distribution success give your recipient as much chance as possible to use it.


If you happen to see or notice something big is going on in your local community it might pay to wait, if distribution of your press release is time critical then there is nothing you can do but hope it will reach an empty desk. However if you know something big is going on, ask yourself, will my story compete? As stated above If your email arrives on deadline day or at a time when there is also a massive influx of other emails, you may miss out.

Bad Email Subject Lines:

When it comes to Getting traction for your press release distribution writing a bad email subject line is not the way to go! Imagine an editor who receives many press releases each day. They would ordinarily systematically deleted everything that did not attract instant attention via the email subject line. It is fair to say that perhaps as much as 95% of all press releases received do not get opened. You need to get past the speed reading filter!

As an example, “Sick workers trudge into work regardless” or “Workers battle their way to work” which one would you open? One final tip, heed this or expect to fail in your press release distribution efforts. WRITING A SUBJECT LINE IN ALL CAPS IS THE WORST THING YOU CAN DO!

Summary – quick tips for distributing press releases by email

  • Remember, the subject line doesn’t need to tell the story, it needs to tell the editor journalist why they should open the email.
  • Keep the subject line reasonably short, putting the key point at the beginning.
  • Use trigger words that encourage interest – eg, embarrassing, battled, sexiest.
  • Follow up the email with a phone call or another email. There’s no harm in asking an editor or journalists if they have received your press release  – generally they only  ignore things only because they are too busy, not because they hate you.


Press Release Distribution In The UK

Sometimes  there is no easy way to guarantee UK wide distribution of a press release, it is possible to invest in a system that can bring guaranteed success to your UK press release distribution efforts, you might not get in the local paper but you can get to the first page of the major search engines for your targeted area. Ask yourself where are the readers more likely to be? And once a paper is read the only time you will get to see it again is if you happen to read what your fish and chips are wrapped in! If you want to know how you can dominate page one, for the longer term, click HERE