The key to good press release writing is structure and content placement


Press Release Writing Words Have Power

Press Release Writing Words Have Power to proper your site to page 1

Use of great words will help you with your press release writing skills


The headline is more important than any other part of the press release writing process as the headline will determine which keyword phrases get ranked. The press release headline should be newsworthy and aimed at attracting the attention of journalists and general bloggers. Consider your desired result and the keywords you are looking to gain visibility for.

The first paragraph:

It is conceivable that search engines will also likely to rank keywords that are in the first paragraph of your press release more so than any other part of the content. But it is also strategical in that It’s also has to do the job of attracting enough attention of the journalists and the bloggers so they feel  compelled to carry on reading the rest of the content after the initial hook of the headline.

The press release summary:

Deliberately, it is usually VERY similar to the first paragraph. It’s a press release writers’ secret that you can usually write a press release summary by simply tweaking the first paragraph of the press release. You should consider the press release summary like the meta description of your press release when it appears on a web page so it’s also an area of the press release that should be used for mentioning your keyword phrase targets as they are likely to be picked up here by the search engines.


Good press release writing is always written in third person language. Words like “I”, “we”, “you”, “your” should only be used if they form part of a quote from someone. So instead of using first or second person words like “I”, “we”, “you”, “your” Always do your writing in third party language such as “he”, “his”, “their”. A good press release is always written in third person context.

Follow these tips and you should achieve a successful press release writing outcome.



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