Press Release Marketing and Distribution Service, Can it Boost Your Business?

Yes it can! For a straight forward service that is guaranteed to get results just send us your message in the form below and we will take a look to see if we can help you BOOST your business.

By using a premium Press Release Distribution service you can achieve extraordinary results. Don’t be fooled by the simplicity of this website, your investment is guaranteed and you have the reassurance and security of payment by PalPal only. If you want to see your ROI for Press Release Marketing skyrocket, get in touch.

Platinum Service

Completely done for you Written, Search Engine Optimised and Submitted

£997 per Press Release

Guarantee – Absolute – if your Press Release is not on page 1 of the Major Search Engines within the agreed timescale (normally 7 – 14 days) of being published we will re-publish it at NO additional cost. If it fails again we WILL insist on giving you your money back PLUS £50!

The process is simple, you tell us which product or service and for which geographical area you want to see positioned on the first page of google. We agree the search term, write the Press Release and publish it across the major agencies, your product or service is listed on page one of google, Bing and Yahoo within the timescale you set (and we agree). If it is delayed for ANY reason we will re-publish it at NO ADDITIONAL COST if that Press release does not work we will give you a FULL refund plus £50.

Nothing to Lose, Everything To Gain! Get in touch today and give it a try.

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The process laid out is as follows:-

  1. You – Fill out the form

  2. We – Review the project, agree timescales

  3. We – Accept the project and issue you an Invoice or we politely decline the project.

  4. You – pay the bill via PayPal

  5. We – take a screen shot of your target search results page

  6. We – Write your press release, issue and circulate it.

  7. You – Jump up and down for joy as you have just hit page 1 (at this point you would normally send us a bottle of bubbly, but don’t let me put words or actions into your mind!)

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More Cost Effective Than Adwords

Better Value Than Traditional Press Advertising

Quicker Than SEO Services

Repeatable Over and Over Again


100% – If your Press Release is not on page 1 of the major search engines after a pre determined timescale we will refund your purchase in full.

If we fail we will give you £50

If we can not achieve our target we will refund all your money plus £50, the £50 is from us to you to say sorry! We never meant to sell you a service we could not deliver, so if we can’t do as we say, we insist you have our £50. Go out have a meal on us, it’s the least we can do

Please don’t get your hopes up about the £50, we have NEVER had to give a full refund or the £50 payment to anyone!

Instead, get your hopes up because if we take on your project as you are about to experience page 1 exposure for your product and or service. That’s got to be something you might want to take us out for a meal for!

Limited Service

Only fair to warn you that we only take on a set number of commissions per month so if you are planning a launch or want to achieve a result in a set timeframe – BOOK EARLY!


Take the MONEY and RUN

We only accept payment by PayPal. That way if you have a dispute with US – NOT LIKELY – you have the reassurance that PayPal will take care of your complaint. We figured it was the best reassurance of a job that is going to be well done we could give.

The process really is as simple as you filling out the form, us considering your project, if we take it on, (we do take on 85% of all projects), we will send you a PayPal invoice, you pay it, we get busy.


Are we real

Yes! We squeal if you stick pins in our arms! You are ordering a service from a collection of gifted copywriters, this is NOT a regurgitated copy spinning service. You tell us a bit about you we write, you get to page 1 or the major search engines. – Job done, we go to the pub!



One of the best ways to MAXIMISE the effect of Press Release Marketing is to do Pre, During and Post submissions. So for example you are about to release a new style of Golf Trolley. Your strategy might be as follows:-

Pre – XYZ Company is Essex is launching a new 5 wheeled Golf Trolley etc etc

During – XYZ Company from Essex has launched it’s revolutionary new All Terrain Golf Trolley etc etc

Post – Essex Golf Trolley manufacturer XYZ new 5 wheel, All Terrain Golf Trolley etc etc

We would expect that sequence to rank for Essex Golf Trolley with the addition of All Terrain golf trolley and 5 Wheeled golf trolley.

Unlike the newspaper or magazines though, your content stays put. It is impossible to say for how long but you can safely assume months not days. (due to the nature of what we do and how we do it, the period of time can not be guaranteed) We can however guarantee to NEVER to take a competing project on for at least 4 months after yours hits page 1

The Hidden Gem

We don’t normally like to shout about this bit…. BUT, Every time we release a Press Release with a physical address, citations from authority sites occur and they will push your site up the rankings. Because search engines love citations from authority sites. Which will help drive traffic to other pages on your site.

It’s our way of giving you more than you paid for so you can keep coming back!